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Cordelia by SketchingGalaxies Cordelia by SketchingGalaxies
I used :iconlongstock:'s photo as a reference (

Anyway, here's drawing of my character, It was from last year, so her design changed a lot.

Her name is Cordelia Rowens. The setting is in the steampunk city of Sovia. Basically, her and her younger brother, Lawrence were abandoned at birth. At 16, she found a man that offered her a job as an assassin.

Lawrence was found dead when she came home from her job. So she looked for answers, eventually, she found a man that offered her information on her brother if she murdered Kale Benedict, a man trying to lead a revolt against the 12 Crows (the corrupt leaders of Sovia).

However, when she first encounters Kale, he looks almost exactly like her brother, so she couldn't kill him. Kale knew that Cordelia was looking for her brother's murderer before he met her. He told her that he can help her find her brother's killer if she spares him (He used it to stall for time). Cordelia refuses his offer, but leaves him alone for the time being. Her goal is to murder him still, but just when she gets the chance, she can't.

(I originally wanted Kale in the picture, but that would clutter the drawing too much). Originally, she would keep chasing him around the city attempting to assassinate him. However, in the end, she ends up getting killed by a member of the 12 Crows.

But! Since the "tables have been turned," she takes him up on his offer. Which surprised Kale, but he does try to help her find answers. They eventually find out that the 12 Crows had assassinated Lawrence. And Cordelia becomes a leader of the revolt.

Cordelia ends up being Kale's "bodyguard" and manages to save his life several times because she views him as her younger brother (She accidentally calls Kale Lawrence a few times).

That's really it so far, as the story is unfinished.
TiaraBoyMarth Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013
Wow you have a lot of lovely artwork! I just have to figure out how to comment on each piece individually! :)
SketchingGalaxies Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2013  Student General Artist
Thanks so much! :hug: Actually you just do the same thing you did here on the other pieces!
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